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If you would like to purchase a Virbac Product, you can do one of the following:


  1. Call Our Sales & Customer Service Line: 1-844-484-7222
  2. Contact your distributor
  3. Reach out to your Virbac representative:
    1. Inside Sales Representative: Kevin Crawford,
    2. Director of Sales: Mary Jo McNeily,
    3. Regional Sales Managers:
      1. Northwest - Regional Sales Manager (includes Arizona, California, Hawaii): Kenny Holland,
      2. Midwest - Regional Sales Manager: Brent Burt,
      3. Southwest - Regional Sales Manager: Douglas Monnin,
      4. Gulf Coast - Regional Sales Manager: Steve Cheney,
      5. Great Lakes - Regional Sales Manager: Jim Burrington,
      6. New York - Regional Sales Manager: Ed Recco,
      7. Tri-State - Regional Sales Manager: Lindsay Bezer,
      8. VA/Ohio Valley - Regional Sales Manager: Jamie Sanderson,
      9. Mid-Atlantic - Regional Sales Manager: Jennifer Wiggins,
      10. Southeast - Regional Sales Manager: John Joiner,