From VOHC®-accepted products to expert advice on dental health, Virbac is on a mission to Clean. Every. Tooth.



Despite your hard work performing professional dental cleanings, dental disease is still one of the most common diseases in dogs and cats1:

  • 76% of dogs have a dental disease2

  • 85% of cats have a dental disease3

  • Advanced dental disease can be painful and possibly infect vital organs4

At-home, preventative care can make the difference between a healthy pet and one who struggles with pain and tooth decay. Join us on our mission to make dental care accessible for every pet.



VBC-13633_CET_Dental_B2B_Website_toothbrush_icons.jpgConsistent Care Is Effective Care

Recommending the gold standard is important, but it’s also important to meet pet owners where they are.

The best way to treat and prevent dental disease between professional cleanings is daily toothbrushing, but most pet owners don’t do it consistently. When pet owners can’t brush, products like the C.E.T.® portfolio of dental chews and oral solutions can help. These products give clients flexible options suitable for differing lifestyles.



VBC-13633_CET_Dental_B2B_Website_vet_icon.jpgMaking Dental Care More Palatable

Virbac is here to make dental care easier for pets, easier for pet owners, easier for veterinary teams.

Recommending products to clients is a serious responsibility. You want what’s best for your patients, and so do we. In addition to dental care products, our website also offers a catalog of articles, videos and educational courses from top veterinary professionals.



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