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See how C.E.T.® Brand Products can help you improve patient outcomes and increase your clinic’s annual revenue by more than $200,000 (example below)

One simple dental health conversation with your clients can lead to better patient outcomes and increased clinic revenue.

Provide Essential Care

Helping to prevent disease is at the core of the veterinary healthcare team’s role as experts on pet wellness.

Dental disease is the most common medical condition in dogs and cats. It is progressive, painful and can affect a pet’s overall health and longevity.

Pet dental health by the numbers:

  • 76% of dogs in the U.S. have periodontal disease

  • 53% of pet owners have never had their pet’s teeth professionally cleaned

  • 74% of pet owners complain about bad breath

  • Nearly 50 million dogs in the U.S. never receive proper dental care

With millions of pets in need, and many pet owners not taking proactive measures to protect their pet’s dental health, veterinary teams have a huge opportunity to improve health outcomes and increase revenue. It’s a win-win!

As healthcare professionals and champions for animals, veterinary healthcare teams can promote dental care as an essential part of pet health to ensure that more pets lead happier, healthier lives.

How veterinarians can help:

  • Recommend professional, in-clinic annual dental cleanings

  • Encourage the use of C.E.T.® Brand Products as a daily at-home dental routine, including the 3 Bs:
    • Brush: Toothbrushing

    • Bite: Dental chews and bites

    • Bowl: Dental solution

  • Educate your entire veterinary healthcare team on the importance of dental health so they can initiate dental health conversations with pet owners

Interested in learning more? Take our Dental Authority Certification Program

  • Brush: Enzymatic toothpastes and toothbrushes work for every pet

  • Bite: Bites and chews help reduce plaque and tartar

  • Bowl: Daily dental solution supports healthy teeth and gums

Increase Your Revenue

Dental disease affects 68.4 million dogs in the U.S., but it only accounts for approximately 4% of the average veterinary clinic’s revenue today.

With so many pets facing dental disease, there is a huge opportunity to improve pet health and increase revenue:

  • Veterinarians are the #1 source pet owners turn to for important information about their pet

  • Dental care revenue could increase by over 15% with more recommendations

Clinics that do not prioritize dentistry are missing the opportunity to improve long-term wellness and leaving revenue on the table.

Consider Dr. Jones: She sees 2,500 patients per year on average, and we know 3/4 of these patients possibly have dental disease:


Average Cost

Potential Revenue

at 25% compliance (470 patients)

In-Clinic: Professional cleaning for each patient

$260 per procedure


At-Home: Daily products recommended at each annual visit

$191 per year




Keep pets smiling brighter

By recommending annual professional cleanings and promoting a consistent at-home dental routine to clients, clinics have great potential to increase profits.

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