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Regular Ear Cleaning: An Integral Part of a Successful Management Plan for Chronic Otitis Externa

How can you help ease pet owner anxiety with ear infections?

Canine otitis externa; When the problem is confusion, the solution is understanding, clear communication, and quick, effective results.

How Important Is an Ear Cleaner in the Short and Long-Term Management of Otitis Externa in Dogs?

Otitis externa is a very common condition in dogs, yet can be difficult to manage, successfully, in practice. Once the patient has been examined and a diagnosis has been established, the choice of treatment prescribed will be the key to success in treating otitis externa.

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Anti-inflammatory Drugs Are a Critical Component for Treating Otitis Externa

Otitis Externa

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Looking Deeper Into Chronic Otitis Externa

Otitis externa (OE) in dogs is a common presentation in small animal practice, but while most cases of acute, early OE will respond well to symptomatic therapy, chronic or recurrent OE can present a frustrating clinical challenge.

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