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Anna Stredwick
Veterinary Technical Product Support

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, behavior is described as “the response of an individual, group or species to its environment.”1 Unfortunately, not every backstory for our canine companions is a pleasant or easy one. Whether a dog was found, adopted, or purchased, they come into our lives sometimes with limited history, if any. The other hurdle is the fact they are unable to communicate their past to their owners.

One of the most common complaints amongst pet owners is “disruptive or destructive behavior when left alone” according to the ASPCA.2 This type of behavior is also known as separation anxiety. If this anxiety is considered mild to moderate then supplements or counterconditioning2 may be sufficient. If severe, behavior modification, medicinal therapy and potential consultation with a veterinary behaviorist may all be needed.

No matter how mild or severe, there are several options available for the veterinarian and pet owner alike that can be tailored to each patient. Each form of anxiety is as unique as the pet’s personality. Virbac offers a nutraceutical for mild to moderate anxiety.