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ZENIDOG® Pheromone Products

Long-acting calming pheromones for dogs. Help untangle their stress.

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When dogs get tangled up in stress, they often show behaviors that can damage the human-animal bond. Inappropriate behaviors —
including those caused by stress — are one of the most common reasons people surrender or return their pets to shelters.1–3

Helping your clients untangle their dog’s stress can play a role in:

  • Managing inappropriate behaviors
  • Improving quality of life for your patients
  • Restoring a sense of well-being to the household
  • Keeping clients and their pets together

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Stress triggers for dogs might include loud noises, storms, crowds, and unfamiliar people, pets or places. In a study of client-reported signs, 72.5% of dogs exhibited some form of stressed behavior.4 Stress-related behaviors will vary, but they can include:2,5


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250x250 graphic pheromones in dogs.pngPheromones function in dogs

Dogs secrete multiple types of pheromones, fulfilling various functions, including soothing
and stress-related behavioral effects.6 Some of the more common behaviors and anatomical
areas of pheromone secretion include:

  • Social status or dominance (facial area, perianal complex and genital complex)
  • Alarm (legs, perianal complex)
  • Marking (legs, perianal complex, urine and feces)
  • Sexual (perianal complex, genital complex)
  • Appeasing (mammary complex) — see more about this below


Physical perception of pheromones

Odor perception happens spontaneously when a portion of inhaled air moves through the
olfactory mucosa.6 By contrast, pheromones are sensed and processed through the
vomeronasal organ.

Even though pheromones may have specific odors, those odors can also stimulate the opening
of the vomeronasal organ.6 The vomeronasal nerve transmits pheromonal stimulation to the
accessory olfactory bulb, and then to the amygdala and limbic system.

As in people, the limbic system and hypothalamus in dogs govern emotions and hormones.6
Stressful situations activate the limbic system and hypothalamus, and the pet may display
various signs or reactive behaviors.6

ZENIDOG Pheromone Products contain an analogue of a dog-appeasing pheromone
emitted by nursing mother dogs. This analogue helps manage stress-related signs
and behaviors in dogs.


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ZENIDOG® Gel Diffuser

250x250 ZENIDOG Gel Diffuser product image.pngPet owner perception study7

  • Marked improvement of stress-related behaviors starting at day 7
  • Most signs of stress improved by at least 50%
  • Achieved pet owner satisfaction rates and perception of positive results comparable to the main competitor

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  • Fully portable, with no electricity required
  • Discreet appearance and no perceptible odor to humans

Longevity & eco-friendliness

  • Lasts up to two months (twice as long as the main competitor)
  • Conserves energy by functioning without a power source


ZENIDOG® Long-Acting Collar

Zenidog Pheromone Products Long-Acting Collar and Gel DiffuserPet owner perception study7

  • Statistically significant (p<0.05) improvement of signs of stress starting at day 15
  • Signs of stress reduced by 89% at day 90
  • Yielded pet owner satisfaction rates and perception of positive results comparable
    to the main competitor

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  • Stylish and available in two sizes — puppies and dogs up to 22.0 lbs, and puppies
    and dogs 22.1–110.0 lbs
  • Can be used with antiparasitic collars, with no loss of efficacy7

Longevity & eco-friendliness

  • Lasts for up to three months (three times as long as the main competitor)


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“This gel diffuser offers a novel delivery method of a pheromone we already use clinically. Whether freeing up electrical
outlets in your clinic and exam rooms or letting you place a diffuser right next to a pet’s resting or confinement area, this
product is a game changer.”

Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB, IAABC-CABC, Boarded Veterinary Behaviorist


“ZENIDOG Pheromone Products helped my dog seem more relaxed. She was also less reactive to stressors than before.”
Dog owner perception study participant

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