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ALLERDERM® Foaming Cleanser

The new micellar foam solution that delivers a cleansing effect without the need for rinsing.


AFC_shape_2.jpgGetting dirty is a normal part of an active, healthy pet’s lifestyle, but managing the mud and dirt can be a challenge for pet owners. Additionally, contamination of the haircoat and skin with pollutants, dirt and debris may affect the pet’s health.


Bathing cats and dogs is not always an easy task and it can be stressful for both pets and their owners.



Allerderm® Foaming Cleanser...

is an innovative new product from Virbac, providing fast, effective and gentle cleaning for dogs and cats.

Neutral pH
Adapted for all skin types, even sensitive skin
Contains ingredients known to help maintain healthy skin balance
Neutralizes unpleasant odors, thanks to smart anti-odor technology



The effective cleansing action of Allerderm® Foaming Cleanser comes from its micellar water formulation.


Micellar water organizes in micelles. These micelles efficiently trap dirt and greasy elements in their center, remaining soluble in water for gentle and easy removal.





Micelle technology:

AFC_no_harsh_icon.jpg No harsh surfactants
AFC_gentle_icon.jpg Gentle cleaning
AFC_removal_icon.jpg Easy removal of dirt and greasy elements


In a field-based product trial, pet owners found using

ALLERDERM® Cleanser easy and enjoyable to use:1

afc_95.jpg agreed it was easy to use on their pet
afc_95.jpg of owners found it easy to disperse throughout their pet’s fur
afc_92.jpg of owners found it pleasant to apply


Compared to their usual cleaning method (usually shampoo):

AFC_75per_icons.jpg of owners found ALLERDERM® Cleanser more practical
AFC_clock_icons.jpg ALLERDERM® Cleanser reduced cleaning time by up to
15 minutes (just 5 mins vs. 10-20 mins)
AFC_smile_icon.jpg Many pets were calmer during and after cleaning with ALLERDERM® Cleanser





Keep out of reach of children. For animal use only

1. Girardin A., et al. (2022) Effectiveness and Appreciation by Pet Owners of a Cleaning Foam to Help Keep Pet’s Coat Clean and Skin Healthy”. EC Veterinary Science 7.4: 12-21.

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