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ALLERMYL® (Piroctone Olamine) Medicated Shampoo

Medicated shampoo for the management of allergic skin conditions. Designed to meet the needs of dogs and cats with sensitive and itchy skin.

  • Cleans skin and hair coat while soothing irritated skin
  • Unique micro-emulsified formulation with Skin Lipid Complex helps maintain skin barrier integrity
  • Active ingredient: Piroctone olamine 0.5%
  • Contains S-I-S SKIN INNOVATIVE SCIENCE® Technology: Advanced technology to help the skin defend itself and supports healthy skin by providing micro-organism anti-adhesive effects through Glycotechnology (sugars), promotes natural skin microbial defenses with Defensin technology (plant extracts) and Skin Lipid Complex (lipids)
    • Glycotechnology: Anti-irritant/Anti-adhesive (saccharides that limit the adherence of microbes to the skin)1
    • Defensin Technology: Promotes skin’s natural microbial defenses (AMPs: Antimicrobial Peptides)2
    • Skin Lipid Complex:
      • Improve intercellular lipids in the epidermis strengthens the epidermal barrier3
      • Skin Lipid Complex contains: Ceramides (1,3,6) - "waxy lipids", Cholesterol, Free Fatty Acids