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Explore our interactive case studies and see how STELFONTA® has delivered results in tumors across different locations in different breeds of dogs.

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- It is vital that pre- and post-treatment medications must be given to decrease the potential for severe systemic adverse reactions, including death, from mast cell degranulation.
- Formation of wounds is an intended and likely response to treatment with STELFONTA along with the associated swelling, bruising and pain; these wounds are expected to heal.


Key Publications


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Understanding the Biology of the Fontainea picrosperma Tree

Tigilanol Tiglate Mode of Action in Mouse Models

Dose Characterization of Tigilanol Tiglate in Canine Mast Cell Tumors

U.S. Clinical Safety and Efficacy Trial

Wound Healing After Treatment with Tigilanol Tiglate

Recurrence-free Interval 12 Months After Treatment

Tigilanol Tiglate Margins vs. Surgical Margins

High Grade Mast Cell Tumors and Tigilanol Tiglate


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