Why Virbac
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Why Virbac Pet Nutrition

Purposeful, scientific, intentional, and committed to veterinarians and their patients.

Our History in Pet Food


B2B_1.0_History_250x250.pngYou might know us best as an animal health company. Our products are used throughout your clinics, in dermatology, oncology, parasite prevention, dental care and supplements. We’re proud to share that we are also a pet food company with more than 30 years of experience in pet nutrition around the globe.

VETERINARY HPM® is our flagship pet nutrition brand. It was originally launched by our European affiliates in 2015, and is now available in more than 25 countries worldwide. As with all of our products, we apply an evidence-based approach to pet food. VETERINARY HPM® Pet Nutrition is the foundational intersection of our expertise in pet food with our expertise in animal health.


Our Nutrition Philosophy


In many ways pet nutrition has evolved to meet the needs of shifting pet populations, from breed preferences to advances in healthcare. Newer pet foods have addressed life stages, varying breed sizes, disease states and more. However, the nutritional needs of spayed and neutered pets have gone largely unmet, until now.

In the US, nearly 90% of our pets are spayed or neutered1. Post procedure, these pets experience powerful hormonal changes that significantly impact their nutritional needs. Unfortunately, these changes are often under appreciated. 

After spay or neuter, dogs may experience up to a 60% increase in appetite,2 and cats may experience a 20% uptick in appetite.3 Simultaneously, those hormone shifts can slow dogs’ and cats’ metabolism by as much as 30% and 24%, respectively.2,3 With changes starting as early as three days post-procedure,4 the stage is set for weight gain over time.



Our pet nutrition is evidence based. The formulas are carefully balanced and supported by internal and external research. We strive to go well beyond minimum requirements to ensure that you have access to the highest-quality products, so you can have confidence in your recommendations.



You and your healthcare team know each patient’s health history better than anyone else. For that reason,  VETERINARY HPM® pet nutrition is exclusively available through veterinary clinics and online via iVet.com, where your clients’ purchases can be linked directly to your clinic. We encourage clients to speak with their veterinary healthcare team about their dog’s and cat’s nutritional needs, and to comply with your recommendations.

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