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David Whetstone, DVM
Field Technical Service Veterinarian, Plains Region

After 22 plus years in practice, I firmly believe a small animal veterinarian makes no bigger impact on a dog’s health and longevity than that of dental care. Recall the last Miniature Poodle you placed under general anesthesia for a dental cleaning and evaluation. You extracted 10-12 teeth that were mobile from the longstanding and progressive periodontal disease. When that dog went home the same day, you know its health status was greatly improved from that which existed before. And then recall the phone conversation a few days afterward with the clients who cared for this pet. “She’s acting like a puppy again!” and “He has so much more energy!” are common phrases you will recall from those conversations.

These clients don't appreciate the impact on their dog’s well-being and overall health until after the fact. Often we hear, “I didn’t realize how much pain they were in” until after the dental procedure. Because of these common experiences, we know that a dog’s oral health plays a critical role in their overall health status and longevity.

The 2019 AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats provides some excellent advice: “Compromised dental health can affect a pet’s overall health, longevity, quality of life, and interaction with its owner without exhibiting obvious clinical signs of disease. Veterinary dentistry represents an opportunity for a primary care practice to demonstrate a high level of service and professional expertise to its clients and to positively impact patient comfort and wellbeing.” Providing a healthier mouth leads to a healthier life. Through continuous education of our pet owners, we can help them understand the crucial need for preventative dental care that can take place at home.

As the leader in home dental hygiene for more than 30 years, we provide a wide spectrum of at home dental products for everyone's canine companions.  Our dental care line can help increase pet owner compliance and provide an easy but highly effective way to incorporate at home dental care into every dog’s daily lives.

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